Aphmau Meemow Hoodie, Aphmau Cat Cute Aphmau Pullover Hoodie Moon Cat

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Design your everyday with Aphmau Cat Cute Aphmau Pullover Hoodie Moon Cat. It is comfortable for wearing.

Size: S-3XL

Material: cotton

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Who is Aphmau?

Aphmau, actually, her real name is Jessica "Jess" Bravura. But she is really easygoing. That can be proved through her TouTube introduction. She said that you feel free to call me whichever you prefer!

She is an incredibly successful Minecraft YouTuber. She launched her YouTube channel on August 13, 2012, and she began her career with a Minecraft Tekkit series and a Saints Row the Third series.

Due to her creative and cute content, she has captured the hearts of millions people. Until now, she has owned 12.8 million subscribers.


Why is Aphmau So Popular?

As we all know, there are a lot of Minecraft players on YouTube or other short video platforms. Why is Aphmau so popular among them?

Aphmau is creative

Aphmau started doing Minecraft Roleplays with Jason. They created their most popular role-play.The one that got them all their traction is Minecraft Diaries which is set in a medieval time with fantasy and magic involved. Aphmau noticed that this was what people wanted to see and therefore they continued to do Minecraft Role-play. At the same time, she still post other content on the side. In 2015, she stopped doing the popular role-play series “Minecraft Diaries”. What a pity! Her fans are sad. But after that, she created another popular role-play series--- Mystreet. She didn’t leave her fans. She came back with more wonderful videos. Who doesn’t love a person like that?

Aphmau is greatful

Aphmau is a greatful person. She says she owns her success to all her fans. The love of her fans helped her improve again and again. She always tells her fans how lucky she feels having them because without them, she wouldn’t be in her place today.


Comments from Aphmau’s YouTube

“You made me think that girls can play Minecraft, too. You made me feel like Minecraft isn't just for boys it's for everybody so thank you”

“I love how Aaron says under his breath, oh no she’s cute”

“I love how aphmau could just fly over the purple thing holding in and get to the base and go back on her account and then open the door on Aaron’s account”

“This is such an amazing video! You are an amazing and kind person that will help people in need. I hope you have a good day!”


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